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About us


How we work as vintage wholesaler

We collect all kinds of fashionable used clothing, footwear and accessories. We look for many fashion style items that fit into a certain look or period. It’s not always easy to find the newest hot item, but we love to hunt for it. So we go around Europe and the U.S. to collect. Our team of buyers keeps a close watch on what’s going on in street fashion, but also the requests and suggestions from our customers keep us up to date. At present you can find many different styles in our collection; 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, punk, indie, grunge, brand clothes and modern, as well as real classics like 501’s, furs, tweeds, lace, pumps, etc., etc.


Sealed and delivered worldwide

When the collected goods arrive at Brasco our team checks every piece again for holes and stains and makes the separate bags with items and mixes you can see on this website. Brasco has over 4000 square meters of storage space, and a lot of stock. We are the storage room for over 200 retailers and wholesalers throughout Europe, U.S., Japan, and Australia. In most cases we pack the orders in pallet boxes, which can hold up to about 500 kg each. We have contracts with several shipping companies, so we can give good rates for shipment to almost anywhere by truck, boat or airplane, depending on how fast the customer wants it. Most items we separate you can find on the clothing, footwear, accessories, and mixes pages. You can also download the product catalogue, and upon request we can send you a pricelist.