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Wholesale used army clothing

Our wholesale has all kinds of vintage products, such as used army clothing that give a tough look. Easily order your items online in bulk.


Wholesale with used army clothing

At our wholesale you buy used army clothing for your own company. Do you have a store or other retail outlet and would you like to add some cool clothing to your assortment? Then used army clothing is definitely what you are looking for. At Brasco b.v. you can find all kinds of clothing you want in your store.

A camouflaging wholesale with used army clothing

Army print on clothing is totally trendy these days. In the past you only saw men wearing it in the army, but nowadays you also see it on the street in pants, jackets, skirts and coats. It is also men and women who wear this clothing. Originally, army clothing served as camouflage clothing, but that is no longer the case. If you have a wholesale business and would like to include used army clothing in your range, you will find various garments with this print in our shop. You can also contact us for:

Give your offer a new dimension

Would you like to add used army clothing to your wholesale? Check out our full range and decide which items you would like to see in your store. Request our price list or fill out the wish list and place your order immediately. Of course we also have matching footwear and accessories you can purchase for your store. Do you have any questions? Please contact our office in Almere, The Netherlands, by sending an email to [email protected].