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Vintage Converse All Stars

Vintage Converse All Stars have been trendy since the brand produced the first basketball-based shoes in 1917. It is a timeless brand that continues to sell millions of them each year. If you have a retail or wholesale business and would like to attract many customers, it is highly recommended that you include the vintage Converse All Stars in your selection. At Brasco b.v. we are happy to help you with that.

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Vintage Converse All Stars for all generations

Converse All Stars is known for its basketball shoes that were then also worn by everyone on the streets. In the 1970s, the brand had a brief drop in popularity due to the increasing sports shoe brands. Nevertheless, the brand fully recovered and the enthusiasm continued to grow. If you have a retail that you want to be full of vintage clothing, then the Converse All Stars are a must have. At Brasco b.v., we have various types and sizes that you can purchase from us. In addition, you can also come to us for other vintage clothing, such as:

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If you are eager to attract additional customers or reach a wider audience, vintage Converse All Stars are definitely an item you want in your store. Request our price list or fill out the wish list and place your order immediately. Do you have questions about our footwear or want information about us? Then contact our office in Almere, The Netherlands, by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..