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UGG boots

Do you want to include vintage UGG boots in your assortment? Then we at Brasco b.v. would like to help you. We are a provider of all kinds of vintage clothing that you in turn can sell in your retail or wholesale business. The vintage UGG boots are back and are a true addition to your assortment.

Vintage UGG boots as fashion icon and for warm feet

For years, UGG boots have been a must-have for every lady. These boots look a lot like high slippers because they are fully padded on the inside and outside. Yet they look very nice with skinny jeans or a skirt with tights. If you like to enrich your range of clothing with extra vintage clothing, the UGG boots are really an addition. You will notice that many people will come to stock up on UGG boots. You can also come to us for other vintage clothing items, such as:

Mesh tops

Vintage belts

Sell these lovely boots in your store

Would you like to cherish true fashion trends and therefore sell stylish items in your store? Then turn to us for all vintage or second-hand items in your retail or wholesale store. Browse our full catalogue to see which items you would like to buy and we will make sure that it is delivered to you as soon as possible. Request our price list or fill out the wish list and place your order immediately. Do you have any questions? Then contact our office in Almere, The Netherlands, by sending an email to [email protected].